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Gluten Friendly Love!

DSC01310smJune 26th, 2013
Gluten Free Cupcakes. Consistent, moist, well-flavoured gluten free baking has been a challenge to many. Finding the right flour combination, without the benefit of gluten, is worth celebrating and we have ...continue reading

Red Velvet, Red Hot

ButtercreamShower_2_BW-forWEBJune 26th, 2013
Red Velvet Cake. While the origins of Red Velvet Cake are disputed, its popularity is not. A definite favorite at our bake shoppe, our Red Velvet with cream cheese Buttercream ...continue reading

Mmmmmmmm Macaron

macaronsButtercream_28June 26th, 2013
Macaron, (pronounced just as its spelled). Gluten-free! 2 meringue cookies made with a meringue base consisting of egg-white and fine sugar, and finely ground ALMONDS; flavored as you like and ...continue reading

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